by Complete 360

We have a wide variety of options for food. From quick healthy snacks, to meals that are sure to fill you up! And lets not even talk about smoothies. We are always creating smoothie reciepes to keep up with everyones ever changing interest! 

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Avocado Toast - Original
Avocado Toast - Chipole
Avocado Toast - Bacon Ranch
Avocado Toast - Fully Loaded
Protien Waffles - Banana
Protien Waffles - Blueberry
Protien Waffles - Strawberry
Oatmeal Honey Berry
Oatmeal Choc Chip Crunch
Oatmeal PB Banana
Sassy Ham and Pineapple
Roast Me Turkey Chipotle
Wild Buffalo Chicken Avocado
Black Forest HamPear
Banana Peanut Butter (The King aka Elvis)
Strawberry Apple (The Queen)
PB Banana Crunch Acai Bowl
Acai Berry Bowl
Emerald Ocean Coconut Acai Bowl
Acai Blue Bowl